Saucony Kinvara 9 Review

This review comes after my having run over 450 km in these shoes. I used them on easy, intense, short, middle & long runs up to 30 km distances.

With a wide range of colour options, the shoe is quite stunning in appearance. Personally, I like the flashy orange and the red ones.

I am not a fan of long lacing that extends nearly up to the tip of my metatarsals, like in this shoe. Nor do I like the normal tie-up lacing. To address both these, I changed the tie-up lace to an elastic lace and avoided the last two lace holes starting from ankle, thereby solving both the issues.

Upper Mesh
A breathable upper mesh on this one with no complaints.

Weight: 215 g
The lightest of all shoes that I have used for long distance training. Yet the cushioning is so perfect that I never felt any kind of discomfort on my long runs or hard intervals.

Grip of the foot within the shoe and the grip between shoe & tarmac are perfect that a long distance runner can ask for.

High responsiveness of this shoe makes it perfect for intense hard effort runs.

Outer Sole & Mid Sole
The Tri-Flex outsole apparently used for even distribution of impact is right on its job.
The Everun & EVA+ used in the midsole are up to its claims of giving a good cushioning and also an excellent rebound on each impact, thereby making these shoes a good choice for all runners.

Bottom Line
I rarely give sweeping statements but being honest here; I VOUCH for these shoes. This is an all rounder shoe and can be used for distances from 10 km to Full Marathon owing to its weight & high cushion.
However, heavier runners will have to be wary that these are lightweight shoes with low drop. A good test run of 3-4 km on your store’s treadmill will ensure you purchase right. Also if you feel discomfort on your tendons above your metatarsals, it is good to rectify the lacing (refer ‘Comfort’ section).

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